IEEE 9th World Forum on Internet of Things
12–27 October 2023 // Aveiro, Portugal




Workshops consist of peer-reviewed papers, presentations, panel discussions, and summary results about advanced and important topics relevant to IoT. Workshops are coherent, relevant to an aspect of IoT, timely and informative, while not overlapping with the content of the traditional technical paper program.



The detailed schedule for the Workshops Track is available here.



Track ID Track Chairs
Work-01 1st International Workshop on Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN 2023)

Call for Papers


Xinxin Fan - IoTeX 

Lei Xu - Kent State University


2nd Workshop on Converge of Edge Intelligence in IoT  (EdgeAI-IoT 2023)

Call for Papers


Christos Anagnostopoulos - University of Glasgow 

Shameem Puthiya Parambath - University of Glasgow

Fani Deligianni - University of Glasgow

Work-03 1st Workshop on 5G and machine learning for IoT and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

Call for Papers


Henry Leung - University of Calgary

Nan Xie - University of Calgary

Work-04 1st Workshop on Internet of Things Identification Technology

Call for Papers


Chi Cheng - China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

Yin Zihang - China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

Work-05 2nd International Workshop on the Internet of Time-Critical Things (IoTime 2023)

Call for Papers


Ivan Zyrianoff - University of Bologna

Carlos, Kamienski - Federal University of ABC

Dave Cavalcanti - Intel Corporation

Daniel Batista - University of Sao Paulo

Antonio Virdis - University of Pisa

Lorenzo Gigli - University of Bologna

Work-06 1st Workshop on Backscatter Communication Security in Internet of Things Environment

Call for Papers


Masoud Kaveh - Aalto University

Li Zhao - Xidian University

Zheng Yan - Xidian University

Riku Jäntti - Aalto University

Work-07 9th Workshop on Blockchain based Secure Trust Environment Model for Internet of Things (B-STEM- IoT)

Call for Papers


Madhusudan Singh - Oregon Institute of Technology

Dhananjay Singh - Saint Louis University

Work-08 1st Workshop on Next-gen Decentralized Dependable Intelligent and Connected IoT: Challenges and Opportunities

Call for Papers


Hao Xu - Huawei Technologies

Bin Cao - Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Qi Sun - China Mobile Research Institute

Chong Lou - Huawei Technologies 

Paulo Klaine - Ericsson K. K. Japan

Work-09 1st IEEE Workshop on Advancements in Metaverse and IoT

Call for Papers


Zhi Liu - The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo

Liang Zhao - Shenyang Aerospace University

Yuanlong Cao - Jiangxi Normal University

Wei Zhao - Anhui University of Technology

Work-10 1st Workshop on Internet of Things for Sustainability development

Call for Papers


Ching Bon Chan - Singapore Institute of Technology

Sye Loong Keoh - University of Glasgow

Kar Peo Yar - Singapore Institute of Technology 

Muhamed Fauzi Bin Abbas - Singapore Institute of Technology

Wei Zhang - Singapore Institute of Technology

Work-11 1st Workshop on integrating MTC and Satellites - Sat-IoT

Call for Papers


Hirley Alves - University of Oulu

Konstantin Mikhaylov - University of Oulu

Marko Höyhtyä - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Work-12 1st Workshop on Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Wei Xiang - La Trobe University

Work-13 1st Workshop on 6G Ambient IoT for A Sustainable Environment

Call for Papers


Lu Hou - Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Haojun Yang - University of Waterloo

Jie Mei - Ningbo University

Yi Gong - Beijing Information Science and Technology University

Lei Lei - University of Guelph

Work-14 2nd Workshop on Digital Twins and the Internet of Things

Call for Papers


Roberto Minerva - Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Noel Crespi - Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Adam Drobot - OpenTechWorks Inc.

Work-15 1st Workshop on Aerial and Space Networks for Internet of Things

Call for Papers


Xiang Sun - University of New Mexico

Jingjing Yao - Texas Tech University

Kamesh Namuduri - University of North Texas

Sudharman Jayaweera - University of New Mexico

Ifana Mahbub - University of Texas at Dallas

Work-16 1st Workshop on Digital Solutions for Natural Event Management: Leveraging IoT and Drones for Biodiversity Conservation and Disease Control

Call for Papers


YunJia Wang - China University of Mining and Technology

Chee Kiat Seow - University of Glasgow

Henrik Hesse - University of Glasgow

Victor Wang - Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

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