IEEE 9th World Forum on Internet of Things
12–27 October 2023 // Aveiro, Portugal

Technical Paper Program

Technical Paper Program


The Technical Paper Program is the main technical track aimed at the Research and Academic community and consists of Technical peer reviewed papers with an emphasis on novel and original results and advanced ideas important and relevant to IoT and its future.

The papers in this program will cover the Internet of Things (IoT), its theoretical and technological building blocks, the applications that drive the growth and evolution of IoT, operational considerations, experimentation, experiences from deployments, and the impacts of IoT on consumers, the public sector, and industrial verticals.


Track ID Topics and Subjects Important to IoT and the World Forum Theme Co-Chairs
Tech-01 Applications and Use Cases

David Lund

Luiz Munoz

Yuan Wu

Tech-02 Big Data

João Gama

Jose Camacho

Tech-03 Computing

Stefan Wesner

Mohamed Shaban

Tech-04 Connectivity

Hung-Yu Wei

Peter Langendorfer

Pedro Casau

Tech-05 Components

Srinivas Katkoori

Ricardo Reis

Tech-06 Sensors and Remote Detection

Ana Vázquez Alejos

Binbin Chen

Tech-07 Human-machine interfaces

Joaquim Jorge

Catarina Moreira

Tech-08 Operations Technologies

Gil Manuel Gonçalves

Mahmoud Darwich

Tech-09 Energy Efficiency

Howard Yang

Prasanth Yanambaka

Tech-10 Security and Privacy

Richard Hsu

Nelson Escravana

Tech-11 Standards and Regulation

Angeliki Alexiou

Andrew Min-gyu Han

Tech-12 Impact

Werner Mohr

T. Russell Hsing

David Wei



The schedule for the Technical Paper Program is available here.

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