IEEE 9th World Forum on Internet of Things
12–27 October 2023 // Aveiro, Portugal

Special Sessions

Special Sessions


Special Sessions consist of peer-reviewed papers and interactive presentations focused on a selected “hot” research topics of importance to IoT. A key aspect of Special Sessions is that they should be coherent, relevant to an aspect of IoT, timely and informative, while not overlapping with the content of the traditional technical paper program.



The detailed schedule for the Special Sessions Track is available here.



Spes ID Special Session Chairs
Spes-01 Future Platforms for Cloud-Edge Continuum – Theoretical Foundations and Practical Considerations

Marcin Paprzycki - Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences

Rajkumar Buyya - The University of Melbourne

Tarik Taleb - The University of Oulu

Maria Ganzha - Warsaw University of Technology and Systems Research Institute

Carlos Palau - Universitat Politecnica de Valencia

Levent Gürgen - Kentyou

Spes-02 Special Session on Cybersecurity Issues of IoT in Ambient Intelligence Environment (2nd Edition)

Call for Papers


Abdellah Chehri - Royal Military College of Canada

Gwanggil Jeon - Incheon National University

Imran Ahmed - Anglia Ruskin University

Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir - University of the West of Scotland

Spes-03 Advances in the Internet of Biological and medical things (AdIoBMT)

Call for Papers


Maria Fatima Domingues - Khalifa University

Andrea Sciarrone - University of Genoa

Spes-04 Software Engineering for the Industrial Internet of Things

Call for Papers


Rui Pinto - Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto

Gil Gonçalves - Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto

Pedro Miguel Baptista Torres - Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco

Paulo Leitão - Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

Spes-05 GROWS: 6G-empoweRed iOt netWorkS

Call for Papers


Daniel Nunes Corujo - Instituto de Telecomunicacoes

Håkon Lønsethagen - Telenor

Spes-06 Internet of Robotic Things

Call for Papers


Prabha Sundaravadivel - The University of Texas at Tyler

Thinagran Perumal - Universiti Putra Malaysia

Soumya Kanti Dutta - Digiotouch

Preetha Roselyn - SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Spes-07 Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges in Maritime IoT

Call for Papers


Rui Campos - INESC TEC and Universidade do Porto

Filipe Borges Teixeira - INESC TEC

Roberto Petroccia - NATO STO-CMRE

Spes-08 IoT for Agriculture and Aquaculture

Call for Papers


Stefano Giordano - University of Pisa

Mike O Ojo - Texas A&M University

Mehmet Can Vuran - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Spes-09 LPWAN and 5G/6G-enabled Artificial Intelligence of Things applications for Internet of Ships and Maritime Internet of Things

Call for Papers


Ana Maria Drăgulinescu - Politehnica University of Bucharest

Bogdan Ionescu - Politehnica University of Bucharest

Frank Yong Li - University of Agder

Octavia Dobre - Memorial University

Marius Vochin - Politehnica University of Bucharest

Spes-10 Scalable and Distributed Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) Architectures and Industry 5.0

Call for Papers


Hasita Kaja - Samsung Electronics America

Ayoub Khan - University of Bisha

Spes-11 Quantum Internet of Things

Call for Papers


Riccardo Bassoli - Technische Universität Dresden

Holger Boche - Technische Universität München

Christian Deppe - Technische Universität München

Frank H.P. Fitzek - Technische Universität Dresden

Janis Nötzel - Technische Universität München

Spes-12 IoT for Road Safety: Innovations, Challenges, and Future Directions

Call for Papers


Abd-Elhamid Taha - Alfaisal University

Sharief Oteafy - DePaul University

Mohamed Abusharkh - Ferrist State University



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