IEEE 9th World Forum on Internet of Things
12–27 October 2023 // Aveiro, Portugal

Vertical and Topical Tracks

Vertical and Topical Tracks


This portion of the program is meant for a general audience consisting of industry, the public sector, the research community, practitioners, and end-users of IoT. The presentations will address the practical aspects of IoT implementation and experiences from real-life applications or actual deployments. The emphasis is on accelerating the adoption and penetration of IoT solutions, lessons learned from deployments and end-to-solutions and delivering value to society.



  Vertical Tracks
Track ID Track Chairs
Vert-01 Space

Nuno Borges de Carvalho

Tomaso de Cola

Vert-02 Maritime

João Alves

Henry Leung

José Luís Melo

Vert-03 Agriculture and Aquaculture

Luis Perez Freire

Mehmet Can Vuran

Stefano Giordano

Vert-04 Smart Cities and Mobility

Joel Myers

Francois Fischer

Victor Larios

Vert-05 Energy, Power, and Sustainability

Natalie Samovich

Erik Van Der Wijk

Georgios Karagiannis

Vert-06 Industry and Manufacturing

Pedro Malo

Bruce Hecht

Andreas Müller



  Topical Tracks
Track ID Track Chairs
Topi-01 Sensors and Devices

João Goes

Elfred Lewis

Topi-02 Communications and Networking

Ayman Radwan

Enrico Scarrone

Topi-03 Security, Privacy, and Trust

João Paulo Barraca

Lino Santos

Marco Barros Lourenço

Rana Kamill

Amardeo Sarma

Topi-04 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Mário Antunes
Topi-05 Computing and Data Processing

João Carlos Ferreira

Tao Zhang

Preeti Chauhan


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