IEEE 9th World Forum on Internet of Things
12–27 October 2023 // Aveiro, Portugal

Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges in Maritime IoT

Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges in Maritime IoT

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As maritime operations become increasingly interconnected and data-driven, the role of the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming pivotal in supporting this evolution. This special session, titled "Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges in Maritime IoT", part of the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, aims to address this fast-paced field. We will explore the newest advancements, identify unfolding opportunities, and tackle the persistent challenges that Maritime IoT presents. The session is envisioned to cover a comprehensive set of topics, from autonomous shipping, marine robotics and IoT-enabled maritime communications to maritime cybersecurity and marine environment sensing. We will also delve into the integration of emerging technologies like AI, big data, and edge computing within the Maritime IoT landscape. This convergence of technological domains promises to redefine the future of maritime operations, aligning it with the broader theme of the forum - "The Blue Planet: A Marriage of Sea and Space". By bringing together industry professionals, researchers, and technologists, we hope to spark discussions, inspire innovative thinking, and catalyze collaborations. Our shared objective is to explore ways to navigate the opportunities and challenges in Maritime IoT, aiming for safer, more efficient, and sustainable maritime industry and environment. Join us in charting the course for the future of Maritime IoT.


Objectives and Motivation

The aim of this special session, titled “Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges in Maritime IoT” is to foster a vibrant dialogue within the expanding realm of Maritime IoT. As sea-based activities, encompassing traditional maritime operations and emerging sectors such as offshore wind energy generation and marine robotics, evolve towards a more interconnected and data-driven paradigm, it is crucial to comprehend the role, potential benefits, and hurdles of IoT implementation in this context. This session endeavors to propel further research, catalyze thoughtful discussions, and nurture collaborative initiatives. The overarching ambition is to navigate the pathway of IoT towards safer, more efficient, and eco-friendly operations at sea, thereby contributing to the exploration of the true potential of our “Blue Planet”.



This special session distinguishes itself by aiming at spotlighting the most recent and innovative technical breakthroughs within Maritime IoT. From the evolution of autonomous shipping, IoT-enhanced marine environmental sensing, to the reinforcement of maritime cybersecurity, these cutting-edge advancements will be at the forefront of our discussions. Additionally, the session is expected to delve into the fascinating synergy of emergent technologies such as AI, big data analytics, and edge computing with Maritime IoT, Non-Terrestrial Networks and 5G/6G. By exploring these technical innovations, this session aims to provide a window into the future of sea-based activities, highlighting the transformative potential of IoT in the maritime context.


Special Session Content

This special session will delve into several areas including:

  • IoT applications in autonomous shipping;
  • Role of IoT in maritime communication and navigation;
  • Addressing maritime cybersecurity in the IoT era
  • 5G/6G in maritime environment;
  • Non-Terrestrial Networks for maritime IoT, including satellite, airborne, surface and underwater;
  • IoT-enabled marine environment monitoring and sensing;
  • AI, big data, and edge computing in Maritime IoT.


Intended Audience

This special session is targeted to a wide-ranging audience, encompassing maritime industry professionals, IoT technologists, researchers, policymakers, and anyone invested in the confluence of IoT and maritime activities. It will also serve as a valuable platform for students and academics delving into this dynamic arena. The discussions will be formatted to engage both technical and non-technical audiences, ensuring an inclusive and enriching experience for all attendees.


Call For Papers

As part of the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, we invite researchers, industry professionals, and academics to submit their papers to the special session on “Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges in Maritime IoT”. This session aims to create a vibrant dialogue on the rapidly evolving field of Maritime IoT, as traditional maritime operations and emerging sectors like offshore wind energy generation and marine robotics progressively become more interconnected and data-centric.

The unique appeal of this session lies in its spotlight on the innovative technical breakthroughs within Maritime IoT. We welcome original, high-quality papers on topics including but not limited to:

  • IoT-enhanced marine environmental sensing;
  • 5G/6G for maritime IoT;
  • Non-Terrestrial Networks, including airborne and satellite;
  • Underwater communications (acoustics, radio, optical);
  • Next-generation maritime communication systems;
  • Marine robotics;
  • The synergy of emergent technologies such as AI, big data analytics, and edge computing with Maritime IoT.

This special session is organized by Dr. Rui Campos and Filipe Borges Teixeira, esteemed leaders in the field of telecommunications and Maritime IoT, who bring a combination of academic excellence, practical experience, and deep-seated passion for the rapidly advancing field of Maritime IoT.

Submissions should be original, previously unpublished work not currently under review by other publications. All papers will be peer-reviewed, and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Detailed instructions for submission will be provided on the conference website.

Join us in this exciting exploration of the opportunities and challenges in Maritime IoT, as we navigate the course of IoT towards safer, more efficient, and sustainable operations at sea. Together, we will contribute to the exploration of the true potential of our “Blue Planet”. We look forward to receiving your contributions!


Paper Submission Deadline

Important Dates:

  • Deadline for Paper Submissions: July 30th, 2023
  • Acceptance Notification: September 8th, 2023
  • Deadline for Camera-Ready Paper Submissions:  September 29th, 2023
  • Deadline for Presentation Submissions: October 2nd, 2023

Papers should be six (6) pages in length and follow the instruction provided for the main Conference. The conference allows up to two additional pages for a maximum length of eight (8) pages with payment of extra page charges once the paper has been accepted.

Please submit your paper for this Special Session using the link to eWorks:


Call For Papers: 


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Rui Campos:



Rui Campos: INESC TEC and Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto

Rui Campos holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto (FEUP). From 2012 to 2021, he led the Wireless Area at INESC TEC. Currently, he coordinates the Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia at INESC TEC and serves as an assistant professor at FEUP. In this role, he teaches telecommunications courses in bachelor's and master's programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. Since 2018, Campos has been a senior member of IEEE and has authored 90+ scientific publications in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals. He contributes to several technical committees for international conferences, including IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE ISCC, and IFIP/IEEE Wireless Days, and he was the general chair of the IFIP/IEEE Wireless Days 2017 conference and vice-chair of the technical committee for the 2021 Joint EuCNC & 6G Summit; he is also a reviewer for many journals in the communications area including IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Wireless Communications, Computer Networks, and Ad Hoc Networks. He coordinated over 20 R&D projects, including GROW, BLUECOM+, MareCom, ReCoop, and HiperWireless, mainly in the maritime domain. Rui Campos has also contributed to 40+ R&D projects, including European projects such as CONVERGE, OVERWATCH, EuConNeCts4, ResponDrone, Fed4FIRE+, RAWFIE, SUNNY, CONFINE, and Ambient Networks. His research interests include medium access control, radio resource management and autoconfiguration in wireless networks, with a particular focus on aerial, maritime, and underwater networks.

Filipe Borges Teixeira: INESC TEC

Filipe Borges Teixeira holds a MSc degree in Electrical and Computers Engineering from the University of Porto, Portugal. He is currently pursuing his PhD in the Doctoral Program in Telecommunications at the same institution, focused on maritime communications, considering both the above and underwater environments. Alongside his studies, he is a full-time MSc researcher at INESC TEC and an Invited Professor at FEUP. Since 2010, Filipe has played an active role in numerous European and national R&D projects, including BLUECOM+, ENDURE, SUNNY, MareCom, and GROW, focused on expanding the boundaries of maritime communications. His research interests span underwater wireless networks, maritime communications, and wireless multi-hop networks.




Roberto Petroccia: NATO STO-CMRE

Roberto Petroccia received the Laurea (highest Honors) degree and his Ph.D. from University of Rome “La Sapienza,” Italy, in 2006 and 2010, respectively, both in Computer Science. He was a Research Staff member in the same University until 2015. Since 2015, he has been a Research Scientist in the NATO STO Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation, La Spezia, Italy. His research interests include wireless sensor networks, underwater communications, networking, interoperability, and security, a field he has contributed to with over eighty papers published in leading venues (h-index 23, i10-index 50, Google Scholar, May’23). In the last ten years, Dr Petroccia has participated in more than 30 experimental campaigns at sea where innovative underwater solutions he developed have been extensively tested. Dr Petroccia has been collaborating with several underwater acoustic modem and vehicle manufacturing companies and research labs to design technologies supporting cooperative underwater networking. In 2019, he was selected to be part of the IEEE OES YP-BOOST programme. Dr Petroccia is an IEEE Senior Member since 2018 and a member of the IEEE OES AdCom since 2021. He is also an invited lecturer of the Master’s programme in Ocean Engineering offered by the University of Pisa, Italy and of the Ph.D. course of the University of Calabria (Italy), Department of Informatics, Modelling, Electronics and System Engineering. Dr Petroccia has also supervised the work of several master’s theses and Ph.D. students.


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