IEEE 9th World Forum on Internet of Things
12–27 October 2023 // Aveiro, Portugal

Tut‐02: Digital Twins: Enabling the Marriage of Sea and Space

Digital Twins: Enabling the Marriage of Sea and Space

ID: Tut-02



The pace of technology advance is relentless and seems to be increasing—a pace that is matched by the pace of technology adoption.  And engineers are continually pushing the limits of the kinds of systems that they can design and built using the latest technology.  The systems being built are progressively more complex, and they are deployed in broader application contexts and environments.

But as systems become more complex, so does the need to ensure and verify our understanding of them.  Part of the challenge is to understand how systems can work together—to interface with each other and to be able to interoperate. 

Increasingly, systems must work synergistically across application areas, technology domains, and the environments in which they’re deployed and utilized.  A perfect example is the need to create synergy between sea and space. 

Typically, such specialized environments exist in silos: the technology used, applications, and environments.  There is a need to merge—to marry as it were—the silos of isolation so that each domain can leverage the benefits of the other.

This tutorial will present digital twins as a technology with great potential to marry not only sea and space but all seemingly disparate environments.  It will demonstrate the natural relationship between the digital twins and IoT domains, and how digital twins will greatly bolster the IoT domains ability to comprehend the complex systems we build as we endeavor to understand the complex world within which we must live and thrive.


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